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New academic year starts April to March. Admissions for the new academic year start in December prior to the new academic year. Admission to pre-primary classes will be granted on the basis of the age completed by the student on 1ˢͭ April in the year for which admission is sought subject to suitability of the child to the class. ( a brief meeting with the parent and child may be scheduled for this purpose).

Students seeking admission in 1ˢͭ standard have to submit the original birth certificate along with the admission form properly filled in by the parents. Only children who have completed 5½ years on 1ˢͭ of June in the year in which admission is sought, will be admitted in 1ˢͭ standard, as per the policy of the Directorate of Education.

Students applying for admission to higher classes are evaluated on the syllabus of the class lower to the class to which admission is sought. Students are admitted on the basis of the personal interview also and the leaving certificate from the school last attended by the student. Student seeking admission from other states of India should get their leaving certificates countersigned by the Educational Officer / Inspector of the concerned state.

Children who seek admission from unrecognized school to any class should attach the original birth certificate along with the admission form and appear for the necessary assessment. Children seeking admission from foreign countries should submit the transfer certificate.

Registration of students to the next class (already on the roll of the school) starts in March. The development fee should be paid before 28ͭʰ Feb and the 1ˢͭ term fee must be paid before 31ˢͭ March otherwise the school cannot be held responsible if seats are not available for your child in the next class. The management reserves the right of admission.

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